Canadian dog sledding experience

Once In A lifetime

Experience a breathtaking and exciting dog sledding tour in the heart of Canada. A story and adventure to remember!


Single Adventures

Are you travelling by yourself or just passing through the area? We have an experience you cannot pass up. Imagine sitting in a sled while 10 huskies pull you through the Canadian wilderness while amazed by the Northern Lights above. This experience is only a call away.

Family Adventures

We love it when families come together to create new experiences. Here at Perseverance Racing Kennels we welcome families of all sizes to meet our huskies and experience their excitement for racing. Call us today or click the link below to learn more about this once in a lifetime experience.

Get the Full Experience

We can teach you what it takes to be a Musher.

Learn How To Feed Huskies

Our huskies require a very specific diet in order to perform at their best.

Learn How To Harness A Husky

Learn traditional techniques on how to control and harness a husky.

Learn To Bond With Huskies

Everyone needs love and huskies are no different. They love cuddles!

Learn The History

Learn about the history of dog sledding aka mushing.

Take Photos With Huskies

Get the perfect selfie with one of our beautiful huskies.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. No one has taken this yet…

Start Your Journey

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  • Help Exchange
  • Learn everything about mushing
  • Minimum 1 week stay

3 Hour Dog Sled Tour


  • History lesson
  • Meet the dogs
  • 2 hour tour through the Alberta Wilderness

2 Day Wilderness Tour


  • Full Package
  • Learn how to feed huskies
  • Learn how to harness huskies
  • Learn how to mush
  • 2 days in the wilderness



Happy Customers

We have many happy customers that have been dog sledding with us. Even volunteers who wanted to learn what it takes to be a musher.

“An amazing experience to say the least. Even up to my last night where we slept under the stars with our team of 14 huskies. And the early morning training sessions under the northern lights were simply magical!” – Max Jacobs

“I had a unique experience at Josh’s husky kennel. I would 100% recommend it to someone who really appreciates dog and nature. If you’re involved in the tasks, you might even end up going into the canadian bush with Josh and his quad, which is a truly great trip. I really enjoyed my two weeks (july 2017) there, so if you like nature and dogs, just go for it 🙂



“We had a very good experience at Josh’s place. We stayed there during March and arrived just after his last race for the season, so we had the opportunity to see how the regular training works. After 2 weeks we were able to go on the sled with him for some training runs. During the whole month we learned how to control and stop a sled and how to take care of the dogs.

Kai and Dominic


“Josh and someone who has a lot of patience !!! If you take the trouble to really get involved and actually participate you may have the privilege of driving your sled !!!! For that I thank you Josh and for all this stay with you, I spent 2 months super cool pity that we could not hunt, but it’s not for lack of having tried every morning 😉 review in February for the competition