My Story

Welcome! My name is Josh Lichti and I’ve been training snow dogs and racing aka mushing for over 10 years now.

An Epic Journey

We Call Life

Perseverance/ Based off a Hummugas ? tree.
Which stands steadfast planted in the Lord /Creator.
Psalms 1:3 – be like a tree planted by streams of water by a river.
So that when the huge storms/winds hit u will be able to withstand it.
Your roots are like a sleeping giant that protects you when the winds fully hit;
being shielded by the huge branches.
The limbs are being the way that forms direction in the way that God works in our lives.

The Great Canadian Challenge

Every year we race in the Great Canadian Challenge, which is a 273 mile sled dog race from Elk Ridge to La Ronge. 

An epic journey that took a lot of perseverance. Every year we aim to do better and better. Every milestone is a new accomplishment especially when many teams never finish the race.

Training Sessions

Snow Dog Tours


Visit Us

Me and my team are based out of Sexsmith, Alberta. Of course we race all around Canada but if you would like a once in a lifetime sled dog tour, this is where you can find me.

My Team

I wouldn’t be where I am without God and my huskies.